Camp Gregory a Veterans retreat
Camp Gregory a Veterans retreat



Bundaberg newsmail- april 2018 

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We would like to acknowledge and thank the VVAA Sunshine Coast Sub-branch for their continued support and enthusiasm toward our Veterans Retreat.

Recently we had the Editor of their monthly newsletter RICOCHET John come and visit with his wife.

John has writen a fantastic article about their visit.

You can read it by clicking HERE.


*****ANZAC DAY 2018*****
We will be hosting a small sombre ANZAC Day Service as per past years, to be followed by a BBQ Lunch.

If you would like to reserve accommodation in one of our DONGAS please phone our Caretaker 'Kit' on 0499 728 800.

If you a self sufficent Camper ie. Caravans, Camper trailer etc you do NOT need to make bookings.

For those Veterans who do not feel comfortable attending the big services, this may be an option for you.


January 2018

We hope that all our members, supporters and guests had a safe and happy festive season.

Recently we had the pleasure of having Brad Marsellos from ABC Wide Bay visit us at the Camp. Brad along with his colleague Trudie Leigo have produced a fantastic piece on our retreat. 

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 Photo credit of Brad Marsellos ABC Wide Bay 

Photo credit of Brad Marsellos ABC Wide Bay 

18 November 2017

The last couple of weeks have been very busy with lots of improvements up at the Camp. 

We were privileged to have  WO1 Crokery, SGT Eagle & SGT Tritton from 6th Engineer Support Regiment visit, conducting a RECON for possible future work & assistance with Camp projects. 

The Camp Windmill has gone up and the floor in the Lysaght Military Shed has been painted and stencilled. This work wouldn’t have been completed without the assistance of a generous donation and the volunteer hours contributed by some of our members, a great effort.

1 November 2017

in late october we held a working bee at the Camp and we had fantastic results.

Dennis from the Woodgate Hardware prepared the ground with his bobcat on the first day, the second day the turf was laid with a great turnout of volunteers. The Camp memorial is looking fantastic with beautiful grass all around along with the kitchen and common area. One the turf was laid the abient tempreaturn in the kitchen dropped by a number of degrees providing a cool, relaxing and beatiful area for all Camp stayer to enjoy! 

Thanks to all out volunteers and Denis at the Woodgate Hardware for all your help! 

September 2017 updaTES!

Alot has been happening around Camp Gregory since our 2017 Veterans Day. 

The Greenbank Navy Association very kindly donated a tool kit to the Camp for use by our volunteer workers, below you can see a photo of 'Kit' the Camp Caretaker reluctantly posing for a photo! Thank you to the Greenbank Navy Association who donated this , your support is much appreciated.

Kit with tool box.JPG

The driveway as you enter the Camp has undergone some beautification with the assistance of our dedicated volunteer workers and the help of the Woodgate Hardware, garden beds have been built adjacent to the driveway with shrubs planted. 

drive way into camp.JPG

The Camp workshop shed has been erected, now all the workshop equipment located around the seconded accommodation Donga closest to the main camp area can be relocated into it. The accommodation Donga will be renovated to the same standard as the other Dongas. Thank you to the Woodgate Hardware who assistance in organising the relocation of this shed from the generous woodgate community member who donated the shed itself.

Workshop shed.JPG

All the big water tanks that were waiting to go in around the Camp site have been installed, now we are just waiting out for the RAIN! They look great.

water tanks on lysaght shed 2.JPG

The kitchen area has had a clean up with the assistance of some Veteran Camp stayers and our volunteer workers. The kitchen is certainly looking better now!

cam nets.JPG
cam nets on kitchen area.JPG
kitchen area.JPG

veterans day 2017

A few photos of camp gregory veterans retreat 'veterans day' 2017, there was a great turnout at the Camp this year!
use the small arrows either side of the photo to scroll.

latest camp gregory video clip

Thank You to one of our supporters who contributed by creating this great video clip.

A big thank you again to the Bundaberg NewsMail for this great clip.


Veterans week 2017


The information below was published in the Bundaberg News Mail on 15th Jul 2017 10:37 AM.

Funds boost for veterans' camp

 Brian Simpson (Simmo) being present with a Queensland State Flag by Member for Burnett Stephen Bennett MP

Brian Simpson (Simmo) being present with a Queensland State Flag by Member for Burnett Stephen Bennett MP

A CAMP SITE designed to help heal the emotional wounds of veterans has been awarded $31,395 through the latest round of the Gambling Community Benefit Fund.

Member for Burnett Stephen Bennett said he was thrilled Camp Gregory Veterans Retreat, a dedicated camp site set up to look after the emotional welfare of veterans, had received funds to improve its facilities.

"The impressive retreat was set up solely by voluntary labour of veterans and their families some 16years ago to provide a place of sanctuary to connect diggers and their families and allow them to cope with personal problems related to service experiences,” Mr Bennett said.

"I have spoken with veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder who have expressed the need for a secluded, safe and peaceful place to breathe in fresh air and relax, and Camp Gregory ticks all those boxes for our veterans.”

Mr Bennett said the funds would allow camp facilitators to upgrade facilities to provide extra comfort for veterans and their families to meet growing needs.

"Over the past couple of years, Camp Gregory Veterans Retreat has seen some rapid progress and increased usage of the site from veterans,” he said.

Retreat spokesman Roger Dwyer welcomed the funding announcement.

"Camp Gregory and its network of volunteers are all very grateful for the ongoing support we receive from Stephen Bennett - the recent funding we were successful in applying for is credit to this,” Mr Dwyer said.

"This funding will go a long way for us to make further improvements and upgrades to facilities available at Camp Gregory.

"Camp Gregory only keeps on improving due to the tireless effort from our network of volunteers from within the veteran community.”

Mr Bennett visited the camp site to present Camp Gregory Veterans Retreat with a brand new Queensland flag.


Early on in Camp Gregory's History our dedicated network of volunteers attempted tirelessly to track down a windmill for our camp bore. As we came to realise, a windmill was a hard item to track down as many people use solar powered pumps these days, so this is what we settled for.

Unbeknown to us our network of volunteers has recently come across not 1 but 3 windmills, out of these 3 Windmills we will have one fully functional windmill and a variety of spare parts. What fantastic news and progress for Camp Gregory, thank you to the volunteers who assisted with pickup and delivery of Windmill Number 1! 

Anzac day 2017

For those unaware we hold low key services on Anzac Day, Vietnam Veterans Day, Remembrance Day and any other days of significance as arranged. Here we have one of Camp Gregory's dedicated volunteers, Simmo who is having a talk at our Anzac Day Service, what a great time we all had, in a relaxed and laid back non threatening environment.

The lysaght military shed!

It took some time..but the Lysaght Military Shed donated to Camp Gregory Veterans Retreat by Federal Member for Hinkler Keith Pitt MP has gone up!

thanks to all those hard dedicated people who made this possible for us! 
So many people contributed in different ways toward this project, from the ladies assisting with lunch to the Veterans banging the nails, thank you everyone, the veteran community will benefit from this for generations to come.

This would not have been possible without our supporters who put in countless amounts of volunteer hours to make things happen, you are all such genourus people.

Camp Gregory featured an article in 'the last post' magazine late 2016.